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Class of 2017 - 8th Grade Dues

The 8th grade year is an exciting experience and it should be an enjoyable one. We have scheduled many activities for your 8th grader. You may want to plan ahead for the activities and the expenses involved.  Participation is optional. Students will save money by paying class dues.


No refunds will be made due to ineligibility. Eligibility includes, but is not limited to:


  1. Must be passing ALL classes with a minimum grade of a “D” or above.
  2. Having no more than four U’s (no more than two of the U’s may be in cooperation).
  3. Having all library and textbooks returned and/or outstanding fines paid.
  4. Having all detentions hours served.
  5. Maintaining a 96% attendance rate during the school year (no more than 7 absences).
  1. Maintaining satisfactory behavior.
  2. Being dressed according to the dress code for the activity.


The class dues are $45.00 and include the following items and activities 

(These items if purchased separately would cost over $60.00):


Pin and Ribbon Ceremony – October 13, 2016 ($5.00)       

Pin and Ribbon Dance- November 15, 2016 ($3.00)       

Yearbook ($25.00)   

Class T-shirt ($15.00)   

Class T-shirt Dance- April 18, 2017 ($3.00)

8th Grade Picnic*- May 30, 2017 ($3.00)             

Farewell Dance*- June 7, 2017 ($3.00)          

Class items ($5)                    


Students must be eligible for culmination to participate in activities marked with an asterisk*




Dues may be paid during these specified times:


September 12  – October 7, 2016      

Full payment ($45.00) OR 1st Partial Payment ($25.00)


** A partial payment of $25.00 MUST be paid by 10-07-16 in order to participate in the Pin & Ribbon Ceremony*** (Oct. 13, 2016 @ 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. school auditorium.)


October 17– December 16, 2016

Full payment ($45.00) OR 2nd Partial Payment ($20.00)


All Dues MUST be paid by December 16, 2016, the end of the Fall semester.  Dues must be current to participate in the activity.  If you are eligible to participate in any activity and you did not pay your dues, you will be invited, but you must pay to attend the activity.  Dues can be paid in the student store afterschool, on Monday  through Fridays.


We hope you and your child will have a good 8th grade experience.  Please call if you have questions about the 8th grade activities (323) 826-2500.

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